Three things … I should have probably remembered before I published a blog.

Patience. Not my forte at the best of times, as for those of you who know me well, the analogy of Calamity Jane meets Bridget Jones is probably the closest you’ll get to describing my passionate but sometimes over enthusiastic disposition.

Planning. Normal airily, I would be redressing quotations of wisdom to my teams about the importance of planning, with my favourite being “You can never guarantee you’ll be the smartest person in the room, but there is no excuse for not being the most prepared”.

And finally, Preparation. “When you are prepared, equipped and armed with the right habits, to address every situation becomes easy”. I wish I had remembered this one.

But that is so me, as whilst “perfectly planned” is the mantra by which I lead my professional life, when transferring these skills into my personal life, I’m just rubbish!

So when Lucy, best friend number 1 invites me to over last night and sits me down at the kitchen table (with which I have become very attached to over recent days) I can tell by the way she looks over her glasses, I’m about to get told off.

“Ali, what did I tell you about being sure about the blog before you published it”… well, being honest, I wasn’t even that sure I had! But, apparently, as her iPhone frantically received my scribes, social media sites were barraged by posts, pages and probably, one to many pictures of me!

Oh no, I couldn’t  believe it, but as she unravelled my profiles one by one, I started to understand why my three P’s are as important to me in my personal life as in my professional and that a my “Learning with Mother, actually Big Sis“ tutorial this afternoon is vital for me.

So apologies to everyone, if you liked, followed or shared yesterday as, no doubt this morning these pages are now deleted and I will be asking you to do it again!


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