Some of you may be thinking “where is she?  where has she gone?”.  Truth is, I lost my mojo for a while and returning to write an upbeat piece of prose was challenging until this morning.

But before I elevate myself back to the first lady of Parkinson’s positivity, whose strong (some would call it stubborn) will overcome all, a little footnote.  I had been working tirelessly to make the events which supported Parkinson’s Awareness Week a success but, the one thing I didn’t anticipate was the stress that this would bring.  I was a veteran event professional, an awareness lunch, interviews with media and a few fundraisers, my goodness, these would have been put together in the space of a morning not so many years ago but, Parkinson’s robs you and, the one thing which I would never  believe would affect me until those middle weeks in April was that I would lose my ability to rein in my levels of anxiety.  But, within a short series of events, my body must have sensed the whereabouts of my brain and pounced and there I was back in hospital as this dreadful symptom, which I now know affects many suffering from our condition, had taken over me and with best friend No 1 by my side again, (I bet she is tiring of this now) I lay on a ward within The Royal Surrey, admitted as my state of mind made me a danger to myself.

Luckily for me, I had the most wonderful nurse who helped me regain my confidence and together with my Consultant’s phycologist she started the process to lead me back to being my true self.

So here I am, back to offer more snippets of information, practical advice and I hope a few funny stories will follow in the next few days as, whilst convalescing I have discovered a fantastic cookbook by celebrity chef Tom Kerridge, “The Dopamine Diet”, recognise the benefits of Yoga and Pilates by taking two classes of each a week and after nearly eight weeks out now, how to get back into regular exercise after a “blip” successfully without doing what I did initially, jump straight back in to only find yourself back at step 1 very quickly.

Parkinson’ may have robbed me of my career, relationships and the ability to live my life the way I would choose but, I’ve been on this journey for over 11 years and, I’m not ready to let it overtake my life just yet, in fact, I believe I’ve started a new journey, turned the page to a new chapter of my life which whilst bringing different challenges will be as awarding as those gone by.

Tom Kerridge up first so, keep looking for my next post.

Best wishes, Alison







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